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I want some more Leonard Brauer next season. SO BAD. I want him to be Matt’s lawyer too, and I want Will to not want to admit he recommended him.

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Will Graham and a lack of clothes, stills edition: (1/3) 

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Ortolans are endangered.

Who amongst us is not?

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Hello, Will.

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'If Hannibal's the Ripper, what's he doing with his trophies?'

'He's eating them.'

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Hugh’s Will’s reaction to Jack bellowing, “Use the ladies room!”

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I fancy The Dancy 8/∞
favourite pictures of hugh dancy

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Feeling the pressure of getting a job is seriously the worst thing ever….

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i paused to get a drink and landed on the cutest will graham moment

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Parallels - Don’t Lie To Me, Rôti vs Su-zakana

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1.01 Apéritif

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